Videospace at
FIAC 2010
art fair

- 24/10/2010

Cour Carrée du Louvre
Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

Videospace presents
at FIAC 2010

Videospace at FIAC 2010
Videospace at FIAC 2010
Videospace at FIAC 2010
Videospace at FIAC 2010
Ágnes Heller, the Hungarian philosopher, at Videospace' booth
Videospace at FIAC 2010
Videospace at FIAC 2010
Videospace at FIAC 2010

Urban Scenes

The project Videospace presented at FIAC 2010 is based on the work of three artists who represent highly distinctive positions on a kind of experience we all share: life in the city.

What unites these artists is media art, their constant interest in finding new technical ways to express their artistic ideas. What separates them, is their cultural background, age, ways and means of expression.

Eszter Szabó (30) born and living in Budapest, is a careful and close observer of her living space. She observes her characters, shows their condition, makes you smile or even laugh at them but does not make them ridiculous. Szabó’s artistic practice is rooted in painting and drawing, applied to animation. She combines the sensitivity of water colour with a uniquely contemporary use of moving images: rhythmical, looped – a watercolour images moving on the wall in a frame, animated paintings on the new medium.
Eszter Szabó's participation in last year's FIAC has been a great success for the gallery. In the meantime she received a scholarship and several invitations to international exhibitions. Her reputation is permanetly increasing.

Tamás Komoróczky (46), born in Hungary and living in Berlin is an established artist already. We plan to exhibit his videos which were presented in the Hungarian Pavillion of the Venice Biennial 2001, as well as recent objects made of neon tubes and digitally multiplied mural works (wallpapers).
In his videos he composes complex visual and acoustic structures; it is a kind of 'sample-pirating' from elements of internet, design and advertisement.

Gigi Scaria (37) born and living in India works in various media - installation, video, painting, photography and sculpture. He presents his artistic commentary on the human condition in a philosophical and analytic but also ironical and often humorous manner. Two exapmles are his recent videos: Amusement Park is a animation video, turning a town to be an enchanted landscape. Political Realism, a video is a social-political satyre rendering a simple but pointed image about the end of some social systems in the world.

Far from separating the worlds of the artist and the audience, the cultural difference much rather makes the viewer realise the universal nature and the cross cultural relevance of issues like urbanisation, community history, personal memory, environmental issues, interaction between cultures and generations.