Eszter Szabó

Eszter Szabó

born in Budapest / Hungary in 1979
lives and works in Budapest.

Her animation videos are based on traditional techniques, although the visual world of the scenes evokes our contemporary digital universe. She observes human desires, everyday sufferings and carefully notices the significant moments.

More details of the following works:
Retirement Home 2047, animation video, 2009, 2'49", ed. 5, Digital Beta and DVD

Blog and more video previews by Eszter Szabó:

Eszter Szabó: Retirement Home 2047, 2009, animation video
Eszter Szabó: 179.-, 2009, animation video
Eszter Szabó: People, 2008/2009, 12 videos, electronic picture frames Eszter Szabó: People, 2008, series of looped videos - Videospace Budapest
Eszter Szabó: People, 2007, aquarell 150x120cm
Eszter Szabó: Shapes (Cylinder), 2006, looped video
Eszter Szabó: Shapes (Sphere), 2006, looped video
Eszter Szabó: Shapes (Cube), 2006, looped video

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Eszter Szabó: People
2008, looped video

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To use only with the aggreement of Videospace Budapest in connection with the art work of Eszter Szabó mentioning the following credits: © Eszter Szabó, Videospace Budapest 2008

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The artist and her work

Born in 1979, Eszter Szabó belongs to the young generation that started their artistic carrier after the fall of the Berlin Wall, using media art in a natural way as part of their studies and daily life.

Her art explores two main areas: painting, which is a recording of manual gestures, and moving images on screens. Strong and characterisic images emerge from the combination of these two media. The small watercolours are sensual and precise portraits: everyday people with shopping bags, big bellies, unfitting clothes, depicted with delicate but accurate lines.

This kind of sensitivity is manifest in Szabó’s animation videos, too. Peculiarly, the videos are based on traditional artistic and graphic techniques, although the world of her scenes refers to the digital universe of our age: human desires, everyday sufferings and the characteristic moments of life.

In her animation series Eszter Szabó combines traditional technique with digital language in a peculiar way. Shapes is a three-part series, where a cube, a cylinder and a sphere do exercises in front of a mirror in a futile effort to get back into their ideal geometrical shapes shown on drawings on the wall. The 12-piece series entitled People consists of over 15 pieces already, which work according to the language of the digital age: short sequences, moving bites. Szabó creates an accurate portrait of everyday people, she records short scenes on videos of painted images of everyday people - these works are the re-animations of archetypal figures. Retirement Home 2047 is based on water-colors as well, but a more complex structure of how her friends of today will look like when there are pensioners.

Szabó’s short videos are looped, and in order to achieve the optimal effect, they will be presented on slim and small displays, like paintings on a wall. By doing so, we turn moving images into an object, representing a new method for an inventive presentation of media art.




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