Tamás Komoróczky

Tamás Komoróczky

born in Békéscsaba, Hungary, 1963
lives and works in Berlin

In his videos, computer graphics, mural works and installations he composes complex visual and acoustic structures. A kind of „sample-pirating” from elements of the internet, design and advertisements.

Ghosts of Ever Slaves, 2008, neon object, ca. 40x40x5 cm , edition 3Ghosts of Ever Slaves (Exhibitionist), 2008, neon object, ca. 40x40x5 cm , edition 3
Tamás Komoróczky: Mural works, 1999–2003, series of wallpapers
Tamás Komoróczky: Unholy Ghosts, installation
Tamás Komoróczky: Then nothing else but the buzzing of the bees, single-channel video with sound 
12’00”, edition 5


The artist and his work

Starting is career as a video artist in the late 1980s, Komoróczky rose to fame and outstanding reputation already in the 1990s. Recognition of his work came not only in becoming part of numerous institutional and private collections, but also in represening Hungary at the Venice Biennale in 2001.

An artist of multiple talent, besides videos, Komoróczky makes installations, objects, wallpapers and prints.
Komoróczky constructs decorative patterns from elements he selects from the mass culture of electronic media. Behind a vivid, playful and spectacular surface, there is almost always a great deal of underlying philosophy and irony.
Living in Berlin for the past 8 years, his work has come to be richly inspired by the everyday of that city and its art scene.



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