20/05/2011 -

7 pm



About the exhibition

Tamás Komoróczky's artistic world, refined symbol system and the visual elements arranged in various patterns are well-known to all those who follow his art; however, he is always ready to renew it. His manifestations are never autotelic but the means of expression of a given concept or philosophical idea. The pattern systems are often used only as alibi. The textile-like, carpet-like composition, the application of hand-written motifs has been present in his art for a long time – it is almost suprising that the theme of carpet has not occured former.

The flying carpet is well-known to us from the tales of the Arabian world; it is the symbol of freedom, the wish to leave, as Komoróczky puts it, 'the profecy of the promise of escape'. This time the whole exhibition is built around this concept.

Philosophical wall-paper with mind-soothing effect is a 12-channel video wall. The random association of the motifs creates a continuously changing pattern, followed by music and sound effects. The Dreams woven about achievements is a carpet seemingly floating in air. The Carpet of Souls is a transcendent neon installation containing symbols of Chaos and magic.

On 2 June, 2011 will be opened Komoróczky Tamás's exhibition in the Kiscelli Múzeumban. The essays of the catalogue published by the Museum cover both exhibitions.

This exhibition is the closing event of the Hybrid Year of the Videospace: under this topic we presented works of such artists who beside media works also use other means of expressions.

Sponsors of the exhibition

NKA  PRK Partners
Kerekes Zoltán    Visus Grafika

Special thanks:
FRF Neon, Luca Korodi, Bea Selmeczi, Villő Turcsány


Tamás Komoróczky: Philosophical wall-paper with mind-soothing effect (video still)
Tamás Komoróczky: suit for the opneing
Tamás Komoróczky: Philosophical wall-paper with mind-soothing effect (video wall)