- 13/03/2011

7 pm

Emőke Bodonyi


Denis Stuart Rose:
Hard Times

Images from the exhibition

exhibition view
the artist at the opening
exhibition opening
detail from the exhibition

Kiállított művek

Denis S. Rose: Bad Kleinen ist überall
Denis S. Rose: Weimar
Denis S. Rose: 20. Juli 1944
Denis S. Rose: Venice

About the exhibition

Video and iron rarely meet. The works of the German artist, Denis S. Rose, are often made of iron and found objects containing rotating elements and moving images. Rose's scope of activity is a narrative, installation-like version of sculpture.

Although he tells stories which bear political messages, basically he examines primary human features. He evokes memories, traumas; does not let us remain neutral. He confronts us directly with war, terrorism and suppressed revolutions.

There are themes which require hard forms. Sometimes one must focus on the clichés to destroy them. Such are the uncomfortable memories of the past, which we try to cover with daily routines. Nevertheless, in the rough form language of the artist there is offen a hidden poetry besides confrontation.

In Rose's works it is even accompanied by objects such as a skull or a gas mask. The visitor is confronted with a heavy spectacle, images and symbols which does not let him run away, and do not allow by-passes. The title of the exhibition refers to the choice of motifs, which, maybe, remained quite topical in our days.

Hybrid Series

Rose's exhibition fits in the 'hybrid' series of the Videospace's 2010/2011 season. Within this framework we present the works of such artists who use different media beside video. For them the starting point is the topic, and they seek for the appropriate means to express it. With the parallel presentation and comparison of different media we can approach an artist in a more complex way.

In our 'hybrid' year Hajnal Németh used photos and objects besides videos in her installation, while Eszter Szabó presented the paintings which served as a basis for her animations. Denis S. Rose is a sculptor.

Sponsors of the exhibition

PRK Partners
Kerekes Zoltán    Visus Grafika