- 16/01/2010

7 pm

Adrien Török
art historian

Upcoming II.
Eye to Eye

Gábor Áfrány /
Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.

György Szaszák
Andrea Sztojánovits

The exhibition

arrow Videospace Gallery considers the search for young talents and their presentation one of its main tasks; each year devote them an exhibition. The exhibition titled Upcoming presents three productions that differ in genre but have a feature in common: all of them are about the connection of the work and its viewer.

arrow György Szaszák's Genesis installation is completed by the visitor: when you set the hanging balls to motion, the image projected on them comes to life. Andrea Sztojánovits ' Transumma internet project is based on music and images; it can best be explored and enjoyed in a lounge type environment, projected on the wall. In Tutoreality, a 3D simulation by Gábor Áfrány and Szabolcs Tóth-Zs., the main character talks to the viewer, demonstrating the creation of a virtual reality.

About the artists and the works on show

Áfrány Gábor / Tóth-Zs. Szabolcs: Tutoreality
3D-szimulációs videó, 2008

Gábor Áfrány was born in Veszprém, Hungary in 1971. Szabolcs Tóth-Zs. was born in Budapest in 1976. Both artists graduated from the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2008.
They co-operate in several projects in the field of digital video and installations.


Andrea Sztojánovits: Transumma
web project, 2009

Andrea Sztojánovits was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1979.
She has been making vj videos since 2000 – used to work in the groups "Transrepro co." and "Monkeypresso" vj team. In 2009 she graduated from the Department of Intermedia and Teacher Training of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.
At the moment she predominantly makes LED installations as a member of the Skylab group. Along with a group of VJ-friends, they started a Hungarian vj community site and organize workshops - http://nonamevj.blogspot.com/.

Transcendence sometimes can be experienced on a sensual level, however, it is an indescribable moment impossible to articulate, or a means of sensing that connects a multitude of moments. I think music has the power to alter consciousness, be it electronic or classical. Rooting from the power of music to modify consciousness the electronica present at parties with its monotony is able to enhance this modification even further. The medium, the feeling of presence, the process of projection, when someone meets directly the visual thoughts created in reaction to his and others' present structures, increase this feeling of distancing.
At the parties I recorded in writing all the inner abstractions created by these points, which I then further analysed. The joint flow of music and visuals is not apparent, thus is immaterial, that is, at a certain level is the process of transcendent conversions. (It has two consequences, firstly, this genre is time- based, secondly there is the ancient question of aesthetics that is hard to grasp concerning what we like and what we don't) This hypothesis I named Transumma.


György Szaszák: Genesis
video installation, 2008

György Szaszák was born in Kosice (Slovakia) in 1985. He graduated in 2008 from the Intermedia Department of the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Kosice, where he is an MA student at present.
Szaszák lives and works in Slovakia. He makes installations, videos, photos and interactive works. His peculiar, almost absurd way of expression comes forth from a bewildering combination of complex technical background and everyday objects.



The exhibition
The artists and the works on show
Press material to download

Press material to download

Videospace sajtóközleménypress release "Eye to Eye" (Hungary)
PDF / 224 kb

To use only in connection with the exhibition at Videospace Budapest mentioning the following credits:
© artist, Videospace Budapest 2009

György Szaszák: Genesis
© Szaszák Györgyvideo still
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Gábor Áfrány / Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.: Tutoreality
© Áfrány Gábor / Tóth-Zs. Szabolcsvideo still
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© Áfrány Gábor / Tóth-Zs. Szabolcsvideo still
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Andrea Sztojánovits: Transumma
© Sztojánovits Andreawebsite still
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© Sztojánovits Andreawebsite still
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