- 25/10/2009

Videospace at FIAC

Represented artists:

János Sugár
Eszter Szabó

At FIAC 2009 Videospace presented works by Eszter Szabó, an emerging young artist working in the cross section of video and painting, and János Sugár, an established figure of the Hungarian and international ast scene, who always works in an international context. Both artists, and consequently, Videospace too, enjoyed a warm welcome at FIAC 2009. The highly positive feedback we received from collectors as well as institutions was manifest in the sale of numerous works as well as in many discussions with art professionals and also in the very good and supportive media coverage we received.

Special thanks: Jennifer Flay, Csaba Varga, NKA Visitors Programme

Videospace a FIACon 2009-ben
Videospace a FIACon 2009-benVideospace a FIACon 2009-ben
shared booth with the ACB Gallery; photos: Tibor iski Kocsis, Zsolt Kozma

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