Real Art, guided tour by Eike connected to the show in the Trafo Gallery, 1999

Guided tours
around the Hungarian contemporary art scene

Budapest has an exciting art scene that can be experienced in many ways; we offer a professional but enjoyable inside look in the local art scene. Focusing on contemporary visual arts, our tour programme ranges from the largest exhibition spaces (Mūcsarnok and Ludwig Museum) through the fashionable commercial galleries and the smaller, but important non-profit institutions (like Trafó, Young Artists's Studio) to the famous pubs in the downtown which are both meeting points and places of inspiration for artists and art lovers.

Please mind that the programme always varies according to the temporary exhibition palette of the capital. Although, based on our experience until now, we have some elaborated themes and routes, we always ask our clients about their focus of interest. We also offer taylored events for professional individuals and groups (lectures on contemporary media art, photography, architecture, etc, as well as studio visits)

The art tours are also good opportunities for people with shared interests to meet!

We cordially give you further information, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: Andrea Berg, +36-202 404 806.