- 26/06/2010


Harald Hund / Paul Horn

video exhibition within the framework of the Crosstalk Festivall

nyílopening: 4 June, 2010, Friday 8 pm
opening speech: Dr. Elisabeth Kornfeind, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum

nyílartists' talk: 5 June, 2010, Saturday 5 pm

Works on display


Dropping Furniture

Mouseum in Progress


About the exhibiting artists and their works

Harald Hund (1967) and Paul Horn (1966) have been working together on their large-scale video projects for a long time. The duo's videos are characterised by detailed, meticulous elaboration, often revealing a surprise. They turn our usual way of seeing things upside down, bringing our immobile environment into motion, even to the extent of changing walls and objects into food.

Hund and Horn showed their videos at the Budapest Gallery in 2003, in the Softmanipulations group exhibition. In 2009, Knoll Gallery, the gallery that represents them, curated their exhibition. This year, they presented two new works at the Modem in Debrecen.

The Crosstalk Video Festival focuses on Austrian video art this year. The exhibition at Videospace is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.

images from the opening

© photos: Endre Koronczi

Sponsors of the exhibition

PRK Partners Crosstalk
Osztrák Kulturális Fórum
Kerekes Zoltán    Visus Grafika

Special thanks to::
Adrien Török