- 4/12/2009

7 pm

László Beke
art historian

Ivan Ladislav Galeta

arrow Ivan Ladislav Galeta is a multimedia artist, born in Vinkovci in 1947, currently lives in the village of Kraj Gornji, near Zagreb, and works in Zagreb. He is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

His works have been performed with extreme precision and are very perceptively intriguing, while at the same time indicating a certain metaphysical questioning. Galeta, searches for and finds inspiration in esoteric sources. He has been making films since 1969 and videos since 1975, while, since 1973, he has been exhibiting object-installations, photo-installations, presentations of expanded cinema, video and works for TV, texts, sound installations, spatial interventions, environmental projects and actions.

Website of Ivan Ladislav Galeta: http://ilgaleta.alu.hr

In the framework of "Biennale - Cultural Festival of Hungarian Artists living outside Hungary". Special thanks to: Bálint Szombathy, József Farkas

Exhibited Works

Water Pulu
Re-animation film, 4 July, 1987, 35mm Eastmancolor, sound, 09 minutes 10 seconds Produced by Filmoteka 16, Zagreb.
Premier: Kinoteka, Zagreb, 18 March, 1988.

Sarajevski akvarel 16 (Sarajevo's water colour 16)
- Ivan Ladislav Galeta and Navid Bulbulija -
one channel video, 22 min., 2008

Vatra (Fire)
one channel video, 22 min., 2006


Images of the artist's talk

30/10/2009, participants:
Ivan Ladislav Galeta, László Beke,
János Sugár, Bálint Szombathy

© photos: Zoltán Kerekes

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PRK Partners / Bellák és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda Biennale
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