- 17/07/2009

7 pm

Gyula Várnai: Sign Cataract

sound and video installation

hang- és videóinstalláció

The exhibition

Our culture is basically visuality-centred, less attention is paid to sound. However, sound has a strong effect, most of the moving images are accompanied by sound. Background music, the noise of machines, ringing, loud speakers, talk – sound is present over all. It influences us deeper than we think, but maybe not so consciously like the visual signals. We are not able to close our ears…

Gyula Várnai’s new installation is a continuation of his sound experiments. He confronts a ’sound fall’ with a slow image movement. On one wall of the gallery he lays a carpet of noises resembling of raining. On the opposite wall there is a projection, letters are falling. The ’movement’ of the two media is mixed in the space, creating a direct experience of the different and still complementary characteristics of our two sensory organs.

The artist

Gyula Várnai is born in Kazincbarcika in 1956. He lives and works in Dunaújváros. He has been awarded with the Munkácsy Prize in 2001.

His work drifts around physical phenomena, combined with a deep sense of poetry. It includes a game with all kind of media, perspectives, light, an not at last sound and music.

Website: www.varnaigyula.hu
represented by: acb Gallery

Selection of solo shows

2001: Project room, Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum / Ludwig Múzeum - Budapest
2002: Bábeli könyvtár, Mobil, Műcsarnok - Budapest
2004: acb Galéria – Budapest
2005: Deák Gyüjtemény – Székesfehérvár
2006: Kiscelli Múzeum – Budapest
2008: acb Galéria – Budapest
2004: Videospace Budapest Budapest

Selection of group shows

2000: Out of Shape Városi Művészeti Múzeum - Győr
Áthallás, Műcsarnok - Budapest
NEW TOPICS, Kunstverein Nauhausen e.V.,
50 pays 100 artistes, Pont Alexandre - Paris
2001: Haus Ungarn - Berlin
2002: Szétnyílt doboz, Galéria Médium - Bratislava
2003: In/Out, Trafó - Budapest
2004: CBK Dordrecht (Hollandia)
W 139 – Amszterdam New Video, New Europe, The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago

Artist talk

14 June, 2009, 7 pm participants: Gyula Várnai, Edit Sasvári (art historian), Gábor Pados (art collector and galler owner)


PRK Partners Hungarian National Cultural Fond

Special Thanks:
acb Gallery Budapest

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The exhibition
The artist
Artist talk
Press material to download