- 24/05/2009

5 pm

Temporary Videospace Pécs

in the framework of the exhibition project "Temporary City" organized by the Közelítés Gallery Pécs
address: Pécs (Hungary, Cultural Capital of the EU in 2010), Király u. 27.

Aggtelek (Catalonia/ES)
Esterházy Marcell (HU)
Gigi Scaria (India)
Katarina Ševic (SE/HU)
Eszter Szabó (HU)
Szacsva y Pál (HU)

THE CITY. The city is not only about cold and austere buildings, but rather about surroundings, people living there, movements, actions, and objects. Moreover, nowadays a city has a kind of virtual space as well by the use of mobile phones, TV screens, and electric MOVING PICTURES.

What can the most suitable instrument to symbolize the temporary and the interim state as a moving picture? The video art in general is based on time: changes in time, repeats, rhythm. The continuous change is part of the life. Everything is changing all the time. You can juxtapose and associate recordings made in a different spot and time. Digital moving pictures can be modified until they get unrecognizable. In our everyday world pictures, frames and virtuality surrounds us in a certain regular way. However, in art one can play with these moving pictures and virtuality freely and give different or complex meaning to them.

The Temporary Videospace Pécs installation shows us perpetual-moving cites: Budapest during contraction works. We can see the workers’ shadow on the wall until the Sun goes down. Houses in the chaotic and always changing New-Delhi are growing incredible fast (by fast forwarding the digital pictures) like dancing under an invisible chorus master’s stick control. There is a story behind every block of flats’ window. Inside a neutral inner space there is a eternal, breath-taking rebuilding, creation and destroy is going on.

curators of the exhibition: Eike, Kozma Zsolt

special thanks:
Catherine Jozsa Gallery Brussels
Rita Varga
Attila Doboviczki