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- 22/05/2009

7 pm

Catherine Jozsa
director of the Jozsa Gallery Brussels

Processes II : True Image

artist videos

Aggtelek: 1e Ensayo Escultórico
(First Performing the Scenography)
15’00”, 2008

Olga Kisseleva: My Self Portrait –
Red Flag Factory
13’15’’, 2003

Koronczi Endre: snap,

Révész László László: PR,
10’00", 2009

Caspar Stracke (USA/DE): Doppel,

Szacsva y Pál: Build the Roof Higher,
15’00”, 2008


Aggteleg is a group of two young Spanish artists, Xandro Vallés and Gemma Perales. They live and work in Barcelona.

In their performances – or in their duettes, if you like – in their continual activity they work themselves through the stages from chaos to order and yet again to chaos. Their incessant efforts result in objects, sculptures, tools, constructions made from cardboard, packaging materials, glue tapes and paint.

The permanent transformation, disintegration, rearrangement and further reorganization of objects and space adds up to a never-ending process. The physical objects that are born from the artists' work are only by-products, the emphasis is on the activity and its documentation. For Aggtelek, the essential end-product is the video, recording the process.

more information: Jozsa Gallery, Brussels


Olga Kisseleva

Olga Kisseleva graduated from the University of St. Petersburg. She moved to France in the early1990s. Currently she lives and works in Paris. She has recently taken her chair at Sorbonne.

In her works and projects reflecting on current issues as well as classical questions in a contemporary context, the participation of the viewer is a key element. Her artistic practice includes videos, installations, interactive works, performances and public art.

In the work presented in the Processes exhibition, the gaze of the viewer is mediated by the impersonal eye of the camera, and the individuals subjects to this gaze try to adapt to an imaginary image, a concept they believe they are expected to correspond to.

more information: Jozsa Gallery, Brussels
website: http://kisseleva.free.fr


Endre Koronczi

Born in Budapest in 1968.
He lives and works in Budapest.

In his video installations and photos he often uses his own body and personality to explore deep layers of principal questions spectacularly and, at the same time, mystically.

As part of a multi-channel video, snap, presented here, is an attempt at experiencing the limits of tolerance. By creating an extreme psychological situation, snap prolongs the moment before the snap to eternity.

website: www.koronczi.hu


László László Révész

Born in Budapest in 1957.
Lives and works in Budapest.

There is a natural link, a self-evident transition from painting to video for Révész. In his latest HD video, presented in the Processes exhibition, tiny movements, hardly noticeable changes take place continually in a small pair of elements in a huge, still picture, a 'found' object.

From tools associated with movement, the status of a pair of shoes shifts to that of a sculpture on a golden pedestal. This object is separated from reality by a shopwindow and we can follow the change of our world, which is on our side of the window, only on those two tiny spots of the object. A still picture recorded on video, movement in a still life.

Weboldal: www.revesz.eu


Caspar Stracke

Born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1967.
Lives and works in New York and Berlin.

His work has its roots in experimental film and performance. In his present videos and installations he creates artificial temporal and spatial connection between sites and events.

In his video entitled Doppel he juxtaposes locations – world famous monuments and their replicas - geographically thousands of kilometres apart. Entering into a visual and conceptual relation, the new context brings forth underlying similarites and identical structures as well as social and cultural differences.


Szacsva y Pál

Born in Tirgu Mures in 1967.
He lives and works in Budapest. .

The photos that he makes using slides projected on the surface of everyday objects, and also his videos, in which he explores the characteristics of the medium with the simplest and most obvious means, for example, using his own hands, are in contrast with his conceptually based projects.

Alkotói módszerét ezúttal egy spontán helyzetben látja viszont a saját ablakából felvett árnyjáték formájában. A nap, a munkáA napfény, a tetőn dolgozó munkások és a művész kamerájának együttese hozza létre az egyszerűség szépségével dolgozó művet.


Aggtelek (ES)
Olga Kisseleva (RU/FR)
Endre Koronczi
László László Révész
Caspar Stracke (US/DE)
Szacsva y Pál

In the second edition of Videospace's Processes series (see Processes I), the viewer is shown continually moving images, and, in certain works the images of these concrete or abstract images.

Immediately visible or less noticeable at first, the movement, the change in the images is perpetual, and builds up to a rhythm. It turns into a picture on the wall, yet, it does not tell a story. Instead, it shows the states of movement, the processes of change.

In Processes II, the works are based on real video recordings. The viewer sees real images. Some of them are taken out of their orginal context (Szacsva y Pál, Révész), while others are seen through the camera (Kisseleva), juxtaposed (Stracke), or are constructed artificially (Aggtelek, Koronczi). And these images come to live their own lives. They become works of art.

Curators of Procsses II: Eike, Zsolt Kozma

The works of art belonging to the above-mentioned category have a feature which is worth examining more thoroughly: namely, their conceptual and formal differences determine the way of their presentation. It is not the same whether we see videos in a cinema, as part of an installation, or as moving pictures.

This classification corresponds to a certain extent to the possible conceptual-formal structures: a video can be narrative, it its beginning and end are significant; A series of figurative or abstract images, closely bound to their enviroment; or the observation of phenomena within the medium, within the electronic space.
(Eike: Softmanipulations)

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