- 14/03/2008

7 pm

Ibolya Erdős


artist videos

Tamás Komoróczky: Then nothing else but the buzzing of the bees , 12’00”, 2000

Katarina Ševic: Social Motion, 18’00”, 2007

Ádám Szabó: Aura, 4’20”, 2003

Attila Szűcs: Bubble Memory, 2’57”, 2007

Anita Sárosi: ASA, 7’00”, 2008

Tamás Komoróczky
Anita Sárosi
Katarina Ševic
Ádám Szabó
Attila Szűcs

It is a presentation of slowly but continuously changing videos. In a certain meaning the exhibition is the continuation of the Lightbox topic, as the images lit from the background seem to start moving.

The installation renders the moving images a material pesence similar to paintings or photos by showing them separately and simultaneously on monitors or projections.

The works of art belonging to the above-mentioned category have a feature which is worth examining more thoroughly: namely, their conceptual and formal differences determine the way of their presentation. It is not the same whether we see videos in a cinema, as part of an installation, or as moving pictures.

This classification corresponds to a certain extent to the possible conceptual-formal structures: a video can be narrative, it its beginning and end are significant; A series of figurative or abstract images, closely bound to their enviroment; or the observation of phenomena within the medium, within the electronic space.
(Eike: Softmanipulations)

the exhibition is supported by:

Print X Budavár



Kerekes Zoltán   

Visus Grafika

Erika Deák Gallery

Lumen Gallery

2B Gallery

special thanks:

Eszter Csillag
András Grépály
Anna Kerekes
Zoltán Kerekes
Zsolt Kozma
Ádám Lendvai
Patrick Urwyler
Pál Tóth

Tamás Komoróczky

born in Békéscsaba 1963, lives and works in Budapest and Berlin

In his videos, computer graphics, mural works and installations he composes complex visual and acoustic structures. A kind of „sample-pirating” from elements of the internet, design and advertisements.

Anita Sárosi

born in Gyöngyös 1972, lives and works in Budapest

For a long time the backbone of her work has been technical experimentation and the analysis and visual re-creation of electronic images. All this is accompanied by a poetic and at the same time reduced pictorial world.

Katarina Ševic

born in Novi Sad 1979, lives and works in Budapest

Although her works are conceptually firmly based, they have a spontaneous impact. For her artistic media are means of intuition and deeper understanding.

Ádám Szabó

born in Budapest 1972, lives and works in Budapest

Thoroughly exploring a theme he visualises natural phenomena and philosophical theories in and between different media - sculpture, video and photograph - in an astonishing way

website: www.szaboadam.hu

Attila Szűcs

born in Miskolc 1967, lives and works in Budapest

His rich and manifold pictorial oeuvre serves as a basis for animations from time to time. The results are sovereign and exciting moving images spanning over genres, which suggest apparent temporal and story-telling connections among the paintings.

website: www.szucsattila.hu
gallery: acb Galéria