May 14, 2008
- June 27, 2008

July-August, 2008.
visit by appointment

media art museum 1.0 beta

Three-dimensional simulation of Hungarian artists' media works in a virtual museum, presented in a brick and mortar gallery space.

Participating art works of the first phase:

Hajnal Németh
Twice Good Night

2001, 3'20"
video installation: curved surface, projection, ca. Ø 140cm x 20cm

Balázs Beöthy
Grace Spreads in the Form of Circle

1998, 4'11"
video loop

Szabolcs KissPál

2001, 3'00"
video loop

Gyula Várnai
Winter's Tale

installation: two slide projectors, shadow of the visitor

Golden Cage

2001, 2'40"
video installation: picture frame, projection

János Sugár
Typewriter of the Illiterate

2001, 8'00"
video loop


This way the virtual museum works is similar to high resolution computer games. The spaces function as a reduced an in the same time far-flung background to the works. One can move around these works, close up to them, get closer and zoom in on them. And you can also walk around each piece or get a distant view. This exhibithon is the first completed phase of a long-term projekt.

Curator: Eike
Programming: Utz Berg


Visitors to this exhibition at Videospace Budapest can operate the programme using a high-performance computer and other very simple tools. The works are projected on a large white surfce. What the audience sees is a projection of the programme. The view here also strengthens the interpenetration of virtual and real spaces.


The exhibition is part of the series What's going on? – Contemporary art in Hungary, initiated by Kunsthalle Budapest as part of the Renaisance year – 2008.


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Part of the Renaisance year – 2008
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