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Tele Mandir is an outstandig example for Scarias work making the viewer realise the universal nature and the cross cultural relevance of issues like urbanisation, community history, personal memory, environmental issues, interaction between cultures and generations.

Gigi Scaria: Tele Mandir

please click the image to enlarge / Gigi Scaria: Tele Mandir, 2009, digital print on archival paper, 64 x 54 inches, edition 3 + 1 A/P

Gigi Scaria an emerging international artist from India, living and working in New Delhi. Besides making various types of videos, he is also a painter, sculptor and photographer. Over the past several years, he has had solo shows in many places from Seoul to Berlin, and participated in numerous curatorial shows all over the world.

Gigi Scaria is one of the three artists exhibiting in India's first-ever national pavilion at the Arsenale at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011. He was presented at art fairs including Art Basel Miami, Contemporary Instambul and Art Expo India. Videospace presented his newest video works and some of his photographs at Volta New York in Spring 2010 and at FIAC in Paris in Autumn 2010. go togo to more

Gigi Gigi Scaria: Tele Mandir, framedGigi Gigi Scaria: Tele Mandir at Volta New York 2010

Gigi Scaria: Tele Mandir at Volta New York 2010